Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, Part 1
Juliet Soopikian, MFT
October 16 - December 5, 2015
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Are we in control of our mind or is it driven by its "shoulds" and "musts?" Do we make judgments and decisions based on the present, or do we follow habits and rules from the past? Can we relax when we want to by simply stopping and taking a moment? By knowing our mind, we Continued . . .
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Our introduction to mindfulness meditation is currently in-progress. Our next class sequences will be posted soon.

We also have two meditation groups weekly and offer individual sessions.

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Workshops and Retreats (3)
11:00 AM 
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, Part 1
Juliet Soopikian, MFT
10:00 AM 
Being Creativity:
Fine-Tuning the Inherent Potential of the Psychotherapist

Terry Marks-Tarlow and Victoria Stevens
9:00 AM 
The Body Remembers:
Integrating the Body and Mind for
Trauma Recovery

Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW
 Meditation at the Insight Center  (2)
LA Dharma offers a list of selected meditation groups hosted by other teachers.  Click here for a List of these Groups.
10:00 AM Sutta Sunday with Sunim
7:30 PM Friday Night South Bay - El Segundo
Individual sessions are available. Call Juliet or Michael at 310-479-7996 and choose option "8" or email to inquire about an appointment.